1. David Spade is banging Geordi LaForge?

  2. Nice effort, Douchebag.

  3. The Pope

    If only he had been wearing Crocs, I think we could have legally shot him.

  4. EricLR

    Yes, is this dial-a-slut? Yeah, it’s Spade. I’m going to need another replacement.

  5. Will never understand the amount of ass this clowndick has pulled in his day. Then again I’ve always been anonymous and poor.

  6. Is the wig attached to the hat, or does that hat just sit up on top of the wig?

  7. “Hi tech support? Yeah, I put the virtual reality goggles on her like the instruction said, but she can still tell it’s me. I don’t think the George Clooney profile is loading properly”

  8. Douchbag, wig and girlfriend/gold digger/long term prostitute.

  9. /breast perkiness at 90% lift :: tighten jeans 10% to increase labial visibility by 5%|
    //Master’s water currently at 51% – recommend rehydration in t-minus 34 seconds|
    ///complete ambient recording of cellular social engament at key word %goodbye; see ya; later; buh bye; go fuck yourself%|

  10. LLBL

    Did you guys notice he is wearing a Kmart hat? He’s just on his way to work.

  11. tlmck

    “How much to make her walk a few feet closer to me?”

  12. You know this one’s a keeper because Spade’s actually an inch taller than his girlfriend for a change. But just an inch, so he’s going to keep wearing hats to compensate.

  13. crb

    Now he’s taking just advantage of blind girls instead of just telling them he’s that guy from Styx or Dana Carvey

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