1. Learning to Drive a VBIED.

  2. Learning to drive a VBED

  3. catapostrophe

    On his way to wardrobe before going to hair and makeup.

  4. Ed

    Thats racist. He’s acting like a Paki.

  5. Let me guess…”a taxi”?

  6. You bunch of racists. I bet next one of you will say that he and 4 guys that looked just like him raped the white girl in the sunglasses to death right after this was taken. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. Vlad

    Geez, first a Hindu, then a Mandarin, now a Sikh…He’s gonna’ run out of stereotypes to play soon.

  8. Why is his hand still fumbling around in his pants pocket? They found his car keys five minutes ago?

  9. I guess Gandhi said “fuck dis starving chit, I am going to clean up and get a job.”

    thats not ben kingsley.
    its an actor pretending to be ben kingsley.

  11. Carmine Lupertazzi

    “Kingsley passed on the scrip”

  12. If he’d have taken the tip from the 7-11 training manual and clipped the store keys to his belt, he wouldn’t have to dig around in his pockets to find them.

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