1. He’s going to drop her off at Wal-Mart.

  2. yourmom

    There’s a man completely satisfied with his life choices…

  3. Is she still behind me?

  4. Cock Dr

    There’s really no reason to buy the man when you’re getting the baby batter for free.

  5. “I can’t get pregnant, she said”

  6. EricLR

    Don’t get too far away, Brian. We wouldn’t want to set the ankle stunners off again, now would we?

  7. “Hey Brian, remember that joke diaphragm I got from Spencer’s? What a riot!.”

    “Yeah. Hardy-fuckin’-har.”

  8. Hotterthenhell

    He’s hot and she thinks he’s going to stay with her looking like the rag she looks like now? I don’t care if your pregnant, you HAVE to look good for your man! Cara Brotman fb

  9. “I am starting to think that’s not a tumor at ALL”

  10. He looks frightened, like the movie Misery level frightened.

  11. Joy

    ♫ So happy together ♫……

  12. “How many times do I have get this wedding ring adjusted?”

  13. He’s already sick of her shit.

  14. I think her water broke.

  15. I'mHUNGRYagain

    Don’t say ‘fat’ … don’t say ‘fat’ … don’t say ‘fat….

  16. crb

    Think of the money, think of the money, think of the money, think of the money, …

  17. “Hey Jennifer, I know what you did last summer!”

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