1. Hefarted

    “oh oh girls, you better hold your breath. I did it again.”

  2. “Simmer down, Grandpa”

  3. EricLR

    Poor girls thought he was just ACTING crazy on set.

  4. At least they got the name right.

  5. dennis

    Same face I make when Robin Williams goes of on one of his comedy tangents filled with different voice impersonations that no one recognizes anymore.

  6. She’s still very hot. I watched Buffy just for her. BUFFY.

  7. Sarah is still beautiful.

  8. tlmck

    I’ll take the hot brunette on the right.

  9. Carmen Sandiego ponders the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar just stole her fucking hat and coat.

  10. crb

    “Wait, what the fu*k are Clarence Thomas and Jessie Helms doing together with the laugh-o-meter, ballet dancing through Julliard speaking in Russian accents, and small children hunching over like old men, poking fingers through their glasses where the lenses should be?

    That is Nowhere on the goddamned script, Robin!

    Just. Read. Your. Lines. And stop freebasing 1987!”

    “Ooooh, Freebasing! Yess! It’s like, Ohh… It’s not free. It costs you your house! They should call it homebasing. Wait, guess what Ghandi said when he met Yakov Smirnoff for the first time,…”


  11. Sarah just became nostalgic about working with Matthew Lillard and a talking CGI dog.

  12. God, I hope this is another classic Williams stream-of-consciousnesses riff! It’s like comedy only more annoying and without the funny.

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