1. Kris Jenner

    I could have sworn that was Peter Puffer

  2. Is everyone involved with this movie a complete asshat?

    Okay, I guess that was a stupid question.

  3. EricLR

    Does he play David Bowie in the movie too?

  4. I'mCool

    I see they shortened the movie title. It used to end with “City of Bones, and not a Vaj in Sight.”

  5. Is this like a male gay porn movie?

  6. Cock Dr

    If I had to guess I’d say “Wasted!”.

  7. blerg

    Damn, Sebastian Bach still looks good.

  8. Angel_thing

    That Cate Blanchett portraying Bob Dylan thing is getting a little old…

  9. ck

    No really…male or female? Cuz I haven’t a fuckin clue.

  10. I read the books. Or one of them. There’s some douchebaggery going on with these jackasses.

  11. potato pancake

    Nice to see Ellen Degeneres lost some weight.

  12. He looks like he thought the script said “City of Boners” and just signed on immediately.

  13. You squares. This guy is edgy. A rebel and an artist. He probably has a tattoo and everything.

    Of Cher.

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