1. Odbarc

    Jesse! We need to cook meth.

  2. “You told me there would be free fudge pops at this thing.”
    “And I didn’t lie, Jesse. Shake my hand for the cameras and I’ll give you all the fudge pops you want. Deal?”
    “Ok but it better be for real this time”

  3. “Told you one of yours would end up in jail first—that’ll be $50.”

  4. Pickle Nose

    “You SEEEE, you put the cheddar chEEEEze in the chili BOwl! Then you got the ONIONS, and you get them in there!”

  5. Something tells me there was lots of spittle involved in this conversation.

  6. EricLR

    Come on Jesse, be honest. Trayvon would have never been allowed in your neighborhood either, would he?

  7. Both had a long career making people laugh.

  8. Looks like Jesse lost a bet…probably about whether Obama would fuck it up or not.

  9. “I told you that I could make a Jell-o pudding based chili and get a ribbon!”
    “This is Jell-O partici-PA-SHUN in my chili is something of great con-cer-NA-SHUN! We must rise UP against the pudding POP!”

  10. blerg


  11. Tiggles

    “Okay, Jesse, snatch this pebble from my hand, and I’ll show you how to make a proper necktie knot. Oops, too slow!”

  12. Aj

    You cannot. CANNOT! Flim-flam tha Zim-Zam! George was innocent!

  13. Steve

    Jesse Jackson taken the slap hand game very serious… look at that poker face.

  14. Beer Baron

    I smell Buddy Comedy!

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