1. Cock Dr

    Mighty moobs shares his bottle of bismuth.

  2. Oh to be a fly on the wall. Maybe they’re talking about Kurt Vonnegut’s “Timequake” and it’s themes of regret for choices made. Possibly it’s the morality of war in “Catch-22.” It could even be Gaiman’s “American Gods” with the idea of gods feeding off of human worship to survive.

    Or they’re talking about the best place in town to get your b-hole waxed.

  3. Ink like that is his way of announcing to the world: “I’m a gigantic douchebag and have never technically been convicted of rape.”

  4. cajunhawk

    Hi my name is Joe….and I do Alpha Male Shit.

  5. “Care for a glass of Klingon blood?”

  6. “so we both have dicks and fake boobs… what should we do now?

  7. “tribal tattoos will never go out of style” – This Guy in 2004

    • Michael Buble

      I see them on people who actually have tribal heritage e.g. Maoris, Polynesians, but even still, this looks like bargain-bin quality compared to the ones I see.

  8. photoshop — image — crop selection

  9. Marketing Mike

    Nothing says “nice guy” like being “all roided up”
    and showcasing a tribal “porn-star” tattoo
    running from your elbow to your ear.

    • Marketing Mike

      Dating a guy that’s this “roided up”
      is like having a tattoo on your forehead
      that says “PLEASE HIT ME, AGAIN!”.

      • Steroids

        …stallone, the rock, arnie, vin, mickey, ferrigno, and hogan have all used me extensively and have zero incidents of beating women, or anyone for that matter …i’m sick of all the abuse i’m subjected to in these comments …you’re all just a bunch of anti-ergogenites!

  10. Hmm

    Roids, it’s what’s for dinner or for lunch this time.

  11. “You know you love pink protein, I love pink protein too”

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