1. Let’s forget about this photo for a minute, and ask the real puzzling thing about this event:
    why is there a L.A. premiere for a TV-movie that has been release almost a month ago?

  2. Guess how you can tell she’s never used a real chainsaw?

  3. Yeah, I know she’s not a 10, but she’s not bad and she looks crazy enough to be great in the sack..

    To summarize, I’d hit that like the fucking Hand of God.

  4. Rico Jones

    I keep asking this question every time I see her. Why does she keep getting invited to events? She is barely D-List and she hasn’t worked in like 6-7 years.

    • Tits.

      This has been another episode of Easy Answers to Stupid Questions.

      See you tomorrow.

    • Jimmy

      Do you see those cans? If you have a premiere, you need a big-titted woman to pose in front the promo curtain so the promotion gets published on The Superficial and elsewhere. This chick apparently will show up and pose for free. Win/win. No one is going to see that backdrop if there some hairy producer posing in front of it.

    • FarrahAbrahamsDaughter

      Maybe because the event organizers are just the right age to think of her on Boy Meets World.

  5. Jimmy

    I would use that chainsaw to chop her head off and take the rest home.

  6. Marketing Mike

    Maitland is wearing me down…
    Till now I’ve just looked the other way
    but damn, she looks good in this dress.

  7. She’s my favorite butterface. slamming body, but if you put a bag over her head it would look like you supersized an order of french fries.

  8. …i don’t wanna hear anymore shit about my love of Coco from any of you fuckers who lose your shit day after day over this homely, boney, greasy-faced fame-whore with bad bolt-ons. (by the way; that “look” you keep interpreting as crazy, it’s not crazy, it’s vapid …which i guess would also work to serve your purposes)

    • Marketing Mike

      Maitland may be a “crazy bitch” but those
      are the best looking bolt-ons I’ve ever seen.
      It’s not like CoCo isn’t wearing a set too.
      I’ve seen pictures before the surgery.

    • Yeah but Coco is gross though. Like really gross. Like puke blood out your asshole gross. This girl might be a bit gross, but she doesn’t look like she’s stuffed with well-fed Amazon River leeches wrapped in bacon, as Coco does.

  9. … why am I suddenly thinking about “Heathers”???

  10. I don’t give a fuck, I’d get in dat ass.

  11. I don’t think she looks too shabby at all. In fact, I think I’d like to Mait with her.

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