1. P. Francis

    “Dwayne do you like movies about gladiators?”

  2. Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Jessica Parker, AND Hilary Swank? That’s quite the cast!

  3. FarrahAbrahamsDaughter

    Take my advice. Do not go on the Caligula ride! It starts out fun at the very beginning, but oh boy will you regret it by the end!

  4. cajunhawk

    “Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

  5. Art Crow

    Ellen wears a dress for once and the Rock is shocked.

  6. “Did you know the human anus can stretch to five times its normal size with the right lube?”

  7. “Hey! You need to control your horses!”
    “These aren’t just my horses…They’re my lovers.”

  8. ‘So, with just this one rope, I can control the *entire* Kardashian family?’

  9. “Can you guess which one is Sarah Jessica Parker?”

  10. It’s me, “El Dad”.

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