1. Looks like a chubby Aniston.

  2. P. Francis

    PIcture taken right after she said “no, I won’t do topless, you have to focus on my acting talent.”

  3. Classic buttaface.

  4. Good effort, PhotoBoy.

  5. FarrahAbrahamsDaughter

    New use for Tupperware: Airtight dildo storage.

  6. Rico Jones

    Great example of how leaked cell phone pics can increase awareness. I had never heard of her prior to her leaked pics. Since the release of the pics I have googled her, listened to her on the nerdist podcast and even watched an episode of her show. I look forward to seeing those tits in a movie or on hbo in a few years.

  7. …the door is open, sweetie …i cleared a drawer for you in my dresser.

  8. She’s fucking sexy. If those lingerie pics, didn’t convince you, nothing will. Her body is fucking tight.

  9. buzz

    She finally got her box of shit back from Nickelodeon? Worst part has got to be security walking her out while all the ex-coworkers watch.

  10. Deva

    What’s left of her dignity is in that box.

  11. “What’s in the box?!! What’s in the fucking box?!!”

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