1. karen

    “I misssss her ssso much, is that sssilly? By the by, you have the nicesssest eyessss!”

  2. I love these Brazilian steakhouses

  3. FarrahAbrahamsDaughter

    “Would the sirs, who definitely aren’t on a date, care for some pepper?”

  4. “I can’t wait to get your meat in my mouth– I mean, *THIS* meat!”

  5. fred

    Leave it to Joe Jonas to find the only churrascaria that serves Bull cock on a skewer.

  6. “When you said we were getting steak, I thought you meant the tubed kind.”

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    A true connoisseur brings his own Big Grinder when he goes out for rare meat!

  8. Deva

    Just because you’re in Brazil sir, that’s no reason to think this was used in any anal adventures.

  9. As ceremonial penis removals go, this one looks pretty impressive.

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