1. is there a deformed whale fetish I’m not aware of?

  2. Who rolled Minaj in flour?

  3. Does she just walk around like that? I don’t think I’ve seen her *not* squat in a photo.

  4. …yes, i will be photoshopping my smiling face directly under those magnificent cheeks …hold all my calls.

  5. How does she keep her shit in always squatting like that?

  6. This has definitely been the assiest week in Superficial history. In other words, it was the best week ever!

  7. I want to see Coco and Nicki Minaj go ass to ass “Requiem for a Dream” style.

  8. Meshuggah Tits


  9. I’d rather hear about famous babies vaping than have to look at this cartoon character every day.

  10. Bob

    Nothing like a fresh coat of Competition Orange to cover up all the nicks and scratches.

  11. anonym

    She’s showing nicki minaj what’s up

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    This pic is years old. Something must be up for her to be reaching back into the archives.

  13. That string …. it must be so … so far up there.

  14. “Coco in… Albino Anaconda”

  15. daisy


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