1. P. Francis

    At this point she just seems squirmingly constipated.

  2. ♬Spider Pig…Spider Pig…does whatever a Spider Pig does….♬

    Like shoot webs of Hep C out of her ass

  3. the torso is the most realistic part of this photo.

  4. I’d fuck the both of them.

  5. It looks like a penis…both ends.

  6. Does Zaloog know that this is no longer on his bedroom ceiling?

  7. hot pic. For the gonorrhea/fecal matter/arachnoid/gutter skunk fetishist. I’m sure there’s one or two.

  8. Frunken

    When you see it with this perspective, it is pretty offensive.

  9. Hmmm…A spider based super-hero with the bodily dimensions of a spider.

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