1. tlmck

    It should be a crime to pair that face with a set of nice boobs.

  2. renotastic

    “Call me, MS. Plumpton!”

  3. The breasts are making this an extremely difficult call.

  4. EricLR

    They even tried putting in a release valve on her neck, to no avail.

  5. Her show is pretty funny, but she has been cracking glass with that face since The Goonies.

  6. Vladimir

    She the kind of girl I’d like to dress up in lingerie and asphyxiate in a closet somewhere in Bangkok.

  7. she’s funny looking for sure. I really like her.

  8. This girl was never attractive, pulls this kind of shit with her face and body and is still working? Wow, she must be one of those elusive “actually-has-talent” actresses I’ve heard about.

  9. I totally would.

  10. She doesn’t look nipped and tucked so hard her eyes won’t close. Has a brain, and can actually act. Martha, you Goonie!!

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