1. EricLR

    Her quick-thinking manager told her it was a “Hate for Herpes” event to get her to go.

  2. Guy

    Makeup fail.

    But pretty nice below the neck.

  3. Cock Dr

    Needs more rouge; more tanner.

  4. telemarketer

    Ok, I’m ready for the thumbs downs on this comment: She looks great after having a baby. And she really look rather nice in blue. And on the makeup, it was a night event, which can make any evening makeup look odd in the snap of a flash.

  5. malaka

    why not just plop her in a wheelbarrow and roll her around all spread eagle and shit

  6. “I have to double cover ‘em. If Hef wanders by, and he sees pointers, he’ll just latch on and mumble, “Mommy, nom noms!”

  7. I think thats a young Bob Keeshan behind her fat head.

  8. “Well, I’m sorry if you don’t think it’s appropriate…maybe YOU should try looking through my closet for something that’s not transparent and covers your labia!”

  9. When you are a bimbo reality “star” with exactly one marketable asset, a husband that has been out of the NFL for years, and you have already released your sex tape to overwhelming indifference, where do you go from there?

    Has to be snuff film, right?

    • henry hill

      Don’t forget the part where the husband/wide receiver dropped the onside kick to lose the Super Bowl for Indianapolis.

  10. “Let’s go with that, then!” she said, missing her make-up artist’s sarcasm when he said her best look was “plasticky whore.”

  11. She is hot and she is nice, I like her.

  12. awk

    So, Matt Leinart has fallen so far, he has taken to standing behind random B celebrities, ready to trot to the forefront on a moment’s notice?

  13. The tighter she pulls down her dress, the more transparent her top gets.

  14. Pat C

    Playboy Radio?? What’s the point of that?

  15. Playboy RADIO? Of what fucking use is Playboy Radio?

    • The Library of Congress funds a program that publishes a Braille edition of Playboy. When Congress tried to axe the program back in the ’80s, Johnny Carson quipped, “But they’re the people who actually read Playboy for the articles!”

  16. She is as goofy as a chimp on acid, but FUCK ME SIDEWAYS! Those legs are amazing…

  17. How do you manage to have huge tits, long legs, a short dress, and yet look frumpy?

  18. How do you manage to have huge tits, long legs, a short dress, and yet look frumpy?

  19. King Doosher

    Dumb and ugly. Gross.

  20. Clank

    I like how you shortened West to just W in the description. Real time saver right there.

  21. Woone P. Tiggins

    Tanning by KFC of Beverly Hills. KFC: We know breasts and thighs.

  22. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    Keep cock crammed in mouth so she can’t laugh that hideous laugh of hers…….
    Other than that, she was probably the anal sex one of the the three ‘girlfriends’ time period….

  23. She’s pretty but can’t dress for shit. I’d say white trash,but she’s orange trash.

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  25. Stating the obvious

    “emy roomate’s sister-in-law makes $75 every hour” She’s a crack whore,just like you.

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  27. Valentino

    Huge head, huge forehead, bolted on tits, literally zero hips and seems like a simply just dumb and irelevant girl that wants media attention.

  28. You can always tell the sex tape-famous from the actual famous by how their cheeks are permanently sucked in.

  29. cc

    The surgeon did a good job on her fake breasts.

    That notwithstanding anyone who has been of Hef’s girlfriends is, by definition, disgusting.

  30. Cheryl Crow looks AMAZING

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