1. Just so we’re clear I call top bunk in the cell from now before Chris Hansen breaks into my office.

  2. I assume this is part of Moma Jenner’s pre-release publicity campaign for the Thanksgiving Weekend recording of Kendall’s sex tape (she turns 18 on November 3) that will be released by Vivid Video in time for the Christmas rush.

  3. EricLR

    Right now, Julian’s mom is wondering why he has a $50 check from Kris Jenner in his pocket.

  4. God I hope she’s not getting gargantuan ass implants anytime soon.

  5. Josephus

    Anyone else wish Photo Boy would quit it with the captions and just let us NOT know who it is in the face-obscured, ass-out bikini photos?

  6. Turd Ferguson

    Girls did not look like that when I was that age. They all wore goddamn flannel and baggy jeans. We just had to take a shot and hope she looked like that after getting her clothes off, like a goddamn lottery ticket. Fuck you grunge music!

  7. This is how you know you’re a bad parent.

  8. alex

    Yep, that’s a Kardasian’s butt.

  9. And so it begins

  10. Stacy

    Typical Kartrashian slut. Dating a black guy.

  11. I know he didn’t have any say over the rest, but THIS is 100% on you Bruce. You’re letting this happen to YOUR daughter right under your nose. I hope you can look at your leatherface in the mirror.

  12. Haha. The boyfriend taking pictures? Straight from the Baldwin playbook. I’m telling you, the Kardashian family is at Defcon 4 over little Ireland B. This is going to turn out like a cheerleading rivalry in Texas.

  13. This chick is bad as fuck. Nice.

  14. She’s got a great body for a minor.

  15. I see they’re already pumping her ass full of silicon and making her spend 8 hours a day on the stairmaster.

    This is truly disaster mode – lil Kimmie must look like a leather sofa at this point.

  16. You just know baby North is being breast fed by a wet-nurse in one room, Kanye is in another making out with his male “assistant”, dad Bruce is in the guest house trying on Kris Jenner’s outfits from last year and her older past-her-expiry-date half-sister Kim Kardashian is looking at Kendal’s pics on-line thinking, “How did I lose the spotlight? Where did it all go wrong? I did everything right”.

  17. nearly every 17 year old girl on the planet is attractive in some way, this is sad & sick, really. can’ think of 1 funny thing to say. it’s gross exploitation.

  18. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    Disgusting gross exploitation of a minor.

    I’d fuck her.

    What’s the age in CA anyway, she should be ‘legal’ right now?

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  20. Martina

    oh my, that is a soon-to-be well-worn ass,

  21. cc

    They must like him. He’s not even really an in-law yet and they’ve got him in on the pimpin’.

  22. Schadenfreude

    “Mom said I needed to get ready for a night out with Corey Feldman.”

  23. “Then Momma said that one day, when I’m a little older, I’ll meet my Prince Charming. And he’ll pee all over this and make me a princess!”

  24. Your move, Ireland.

  25. Hugh Jazz

    Using that wonderful photo filter, PervFlare.

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