1. Isn’t the rule in hollywood that you’re supposed to bem more attractive than the person your portraying in their biopic

  2. “This one goes out to Marty Ingles.”

  3. EricLR

    The band will play for over 3 more minutes without realizing it’s a stroke.

  4. renotastic

    “Saw him standin’ there by the poker machine…”

  5. I think the caption was supposed to read, “Someone’s grandma dressed as Joan Jett performing at House of Blues in Hollywood.”

  6. “Large, round discs, made of vinyl, with the music imprinted in the grooves. Every club used to have these huge, electric machines that would play them for a dime. Got it? Now, can I please continue with the song?”

  7. someone in the front row must have a stinky vagina

  8. PZ

    “Mmmm, I love Rocky Road!”

  9. Shouldn’t she have been at the Young Hollywood Awards?

  10. I don’t care what anybody says and I don’t care that she’s an old, dried up butch – I would bang the shit out of that woman like I was the angriest lesbian in the world.

    I really need to stop typing out inside thoughts.

  11. I would knock the dust off her pussy. Just out of respect for who she is.

  12. I had her haircut back in the day. Took her pic to the salon and showed it to the stylist. I rawwwwwkked! Shut up, it was the 80′s, mullets were cool for a millisecond.

    Joan Jett is a true rock star, though, one of the greatest. I forgive her for the horrible yearbook pictures she caused.

  13. Looks pretty damn good to me, I had assumed she looked older by now.

  14. This woman is legend. Nothing bad to say here.

  15. She was a little too young to be invited to this year’s Young Hollywood Awards. Maybe next year, Joan.

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