1. “Yo, Jennifer”

  2. EricLR

    Oh shit, this is the part where she convinces him that the only one stopping him from winning the big fight is himself!

  3. Guy

    Jesus – did he ROW all the way there?

  4. Jen: “Look at me. It’s just water. You don’t have to be afraid.”
    Sly: “But it’ssa fulla sharks.”
    Jen: “It’s not full of sharks honey. The whole ocean can’t be full of sharks.”
    Sly: “I hate squid.”
    Jen: “I know you do. And I promise, there aren’t any squid in this area.”
    Sly: “Crab’s gonna pinch me.”
    Jen: “No honey, no crab is going to pinch you.”
    Sly: “Jellyfish’ll sting me.”
    Jen: “Do you want to hunt for pirate treasure or not?”

  5. “Honey, listen! I *like* the way your neck and arms look like vein-laden penises!”

  6. “You can’t win, Rock!”

  7. “Da brrga urr a mmblrbla drbla der”
    “Sly honey, I can’t understand you”

  8. tito

    “honey it’s ok, you just forgot your hat.”
    “yeah but what i do is, i take my hat and i turn it around, and, and it’s like a switch that goes on and i feel like, i feel like this boat”

  9. Ibepiglet


  10. awk

    “Oh baby, don’t listen to them. You don’t look a day over 70 and your hair color is perfectly natural looking.”

  11. This is an intervention. She is telling him to lose the steroids and get some Viagra.

  12. Salvatore

    He doesn’t look like he’s having a good time at all.

  13. but you ARE a bigger star than chuck norris.
    well… most of you is bigger than chuck norris.
    but hey- steroids arent perfect.

  14. “You not Expendable or Rambo!”

  15. “Sweetheart, don’t worry about it. All men have that same problem once in a while. *Thought bubble addendum* But not usually 8 times in one month*
    Maybe it’s me…I know…I only brushed my bottom teeth and that’s what’s turning you off…”

  16. SMB

    …oh my god …i’m crying over here …you fuckers were really on your game with this one …fucking hilarious!!!

  17. o'chunt

    - “Squeeze! Honey, I can’t feel a thing! Squeeze!”
    - “Hnnnnrrrggg!”
    - “Okay, I think we’d better get you to a hospital.”

  18. cc

    ‘Are you stuck? Sly are you stuck!? Is it your arteries again? Do I need to pull to get you moving again? WHAT SHOULD I DO SLY?!’

  19. Those two have been together forever! That’s kind of impressive, all things considered.

  20. Lou Braccant

    “Yer a BUM Rock!!!”

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