1. Frank Burns

    Nice melons.

    Oh come on, you were going to say it too.

  2. Johnny P!

    What’s your fantasy? You wanna kiss Huey, Louie, Dewey or Daisy? She does ‘em all!

  3. Rico Jones

    Wow what a train wreck. I was watching a movie she was in from 1995 just last night and I thought “now that is a pretty woman”. Now I see this today and can’t believe what she did to herself.

    • If it was The Doom Generation, I hope you saw the original NC-17 version and not the R-rated cut that I’m told destroys the shit out of the ending.

    • Katie

      Unfortunately, she was actually involved in a serious car accident five years ago and experienced glass shattering in her face. She looks different because of reconstructive surgery, not elective plastic surgery.

      • cc

        The injuries to her face were minor…this is fucked up plastic surgery coupled with waaay too much Restylane.

      • Rico Jones

        Total bullshit. I remember when that happened. This website even posted photos of her with bruises on her face. She looked ok. This photo is a direct result of bad plastic surgery decisions. Do you really think that reconstructive surgery required lip injections?

      • Yeah, like you guys would throw her outta your rack? Gimme a break! Hey, Rose, you’re ALWAYS welcome in my kip!

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Disaster! It knows someone touched them while it was gone.

  5. EricLr

    Look maam, we’ve done this six times already. Now, do you have a *valid* credit card or not?

  6. Is The Superficial under contract to post pictures of Rose McGowan and some kind of Jonas brother?

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      yes. this is where Rose McGowan wants to spend her money on. as she wants to keep some guy named Randel(not Randall) interested in her . as aher sole intention is to do this guy what Lady Gaga’s bodyguards did to that guy. either that or hoping he will marry her.

  7. lily

    good god, what has she done to her lips?

  8. Crissy

    From the thumbnail it looks like she’s saying “fuck off!”

  9. seriouslynow

    Would not bang.

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah I’ve seen my grandmother make this face when she gets frustrated using the point of sale machine too. But my grandmother is well into her 70′s.

  11. mean_gurl

    Her weekend job as a cashier at Ralphs.

  12. yikes

    mumma always said that if you make that face it’ll …cost a lot of botched surgery to make it stay like that…

  13. EZ-B

    “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I always ask that before purchasing all my mellons.”

  14. She may have fucked up her face but she’s still a beautiful woman. I totally would.

  15. gigi


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