1. Raoul

    Mario: Dude! Wait until later to point your peener at me.

  2. EricLr

    Right now that girdle has more PSI on it than my SUV’s tire.

  3. Colin

    MARIO: “Jean-Claude Van DAMN!”

  4. vgrly

    Is he HIV positive or something? From all those skanks he has bagged.

  5. That’s PRETTY impressive, but I see those leather pants are still holding…can you get your erection up to HERE?

  6. Crissy

    “Dude, you need to chill with the crack pipe!”

  7. Van Damme thinking to himself, “God, please let this interview wrap up so I can exhale!”

  8. Joe

    Looks like his Kylie detector is working well.

  9. your mom

    the pressure from his too-tight t-shirt is causing the blood to rush to the most unfortunate of body parts.

  10. Why do I get the impression that when he finally exhales, it’ll smell like cheese.

  11. terry

    WTF happened to him?
    And that hair? OMFG!

  12. Anonymous

    Please. End. Slim-fitting shirts.

    I blame Under Armour.

  13. justin

    Yes Mario it sucks getting old. I was once “the muscles from Brussels” but now, as you can see my nipples are bigger than my penis.

  14. mean_gurl

    what the heck? he’s poking out everywhere all the same time.

  15. oh Mario you are a handsome devil…….

  16. Jimmy Fallon looks like shit

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    …and you owe all of this to Scientology Mr. Cruise?

  18. Ass Wort

    Van Damme is a stud. Back in the day when I worshipped him because of Bloodsport. He was filming a movie in Toronto. He and his crew were in “Bowleramma” on Don Mills Avenue during the “Maximum Risk” shoot. He was chugging back beers and wanted to know where to buy E’s. He was a great guy and enjoys life. Haters can hate because they are jealous.

  19. ksmack

    There is evidence of a man with a serious eating disorder.

  20. Mario gives me boner.

  21. JungleRed

    Did Kylie give him the AIDS?

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