1. Johnny P!

    Coach: “For the last time Nick: those aren’t the ‘softballs’ you’re supposed to be playing with!”

  2. Raoul

    Clearly he has wotch wickets.

  3. Well, he’s young and did that purity thing. So it’s perfectly understandable that he still gets hard just from getting to first base.

  4. EricLr

    “Broadway show softball team”

    I would actually pay to see that.

  5. Colin

    Clearly his mind’s still on the David Beckham statue.

  6. cc

    He joined the team when he heard there was a pitcher that through hard and inside.

  7. lily

    beer gut. gross.

  8. I remember when I figured out how to tug on out too.

  9. Anonymous

    I guess that’s why he needs TWO batting gloves.

  10. Sheppy

    What’s he playing with?

  11. mean_gurl

    I’ll play with his wicket :0

  12. broduhjenner

    Must be signaling to his brother “tonight I’d da night.”

  13. dennis

    That’s just the signal for “I’m staying put”. The signal for “I’m going to try to steal a base” is sticking a thumb up his ass.

  14. He’s obviously been spending too much time with Bieber.

  15. Swearin

    He guest starred on a show about Broadway and is now in a Broadway show…maybe he’s just checking to make sure he’s still a guy.

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