1. Cock Dr

    That’s great, a dress that looks like one of Paris Hilton’s weird strappy bathing suits.
    You know a woman cannot sneeze, cough, laugh, sit or bend over in a dress like that without risk of everything popping out. It must have been a nerve wracking evening for those in her proximity.

  2. K-tron

    Either she accidentally put her dress on backward, or her Dad didn’t pay enough attention to her as a child.

  3. PtC

    She has the dress pulled down way too far, that’s mostly bra hanging out there.

  4. JPC


  5. vgrly

    Does not distract from the face and the dress looks like it’s from the Wet Seal clearance rack. Yikes.

  6. lily

    woof. scary face and atrocious and classless outfit.

  7. Does this dress show my large nose and mouth?

  8. Salad Face

    Just another example of the fashion industry not using plus size women to model plus size clothing. Kirstie Alley, claim your swimsuit!

  9. seriouslynow

    She’s got Lea Michele face.

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