1. Johnny P!


    • Johnny P!

      Actually, come to think of it, NO COMMENT EVER on this human urinal, and no more comments period.

      Thanks to all you witty, clever and fearless commenters for all the laugh out loud moments and the quotables.

      Photoboy, you always know how to pick ‘em (even the hideous, crazy ones…)

      And finally, to quote Douglas Adams:
      “So long, and thanks for all the Fish!”

      Johnny P!

  2. K-tron

    Huh. I would think that protecting her knees would be a higher priority.

  3. I can’t believe she eats like this. Whenever I have a fro-yo that size, it just goes straight to my ass—oh.

    (OK, this would be funnier coming from a woman.)

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She does have a nice mouth*

    *May contain nuts

  5. Mr. Poop the 2nd

    nice matching leather skirt and pants, douchebags

  6. EricLr

    The cow that died to make that outfit made a more valuable contribution to the world than she ever will. He was smarter too.

  7. vgrly

    It’s a hundred degrees out. Her feet must stink at the end of the day. Moo.

  8. Bri Owens

    Ew. I know exactly where this was taken. GET OUT OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

  9. Cock Dr


  10. That’s obviously not non-fat yogurt.

  11. Yeah .. that won’t go directly to your ass …

  12. cc

    I hear she adds a couple dashes of Crisco to the tub ‘for flavor’.

  13. it had to be said

    Even her boots look dumpy here.

  14. Anthony

    God she’s stout

  15. Billebuoy

    What’s with those two always in black while in Hawaii! It’s not slimming you two!

  16. Buddy The Elf

    Nice outfits – lemme’ guess: First time visiting the Islands?

    • I suspect they’re just being cautious. While the daytime temperature in Hawaii is in the high 80′s, it’s not unknown for the nighttime low to plummet to around 75°.

  17. tlmck

    Looks like a hooker Halloween costume from the 99 cent store.

  18. Mando

    they’re mourning the loss of her shame

  19. leather in Honolulu. they’re really smart aren’t they?

  20. CranAppleSnapple

    Used all her Spencer Gifts store credit, I see.

  21. Bionic_Crouton

    Why can’t we contain this stupidity?

  22. Kudos to Kim for trying to slim her ass down. Notice that this time she only got a fucking quart of frozen yogurt.

  23. Neo

    There is so much yeast infection in her family that they decided to open a yogurt shop – Dash-Yogurt. High fat cream + Oreo cookie = The Kim and Kanya, Ho-Ho’s + Wheaties = The rest of the family. (Sorry about the last one, I’m short on time…what other combo’s are there?) :D

  24. the crazy betty

    heinous footwear.

  25. spartacus


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