1. Frank Burns

    The lady on the right might just be experiencing a life-changing revelation.

  2. TheCynic

    Even a body that fine doesn’t completely distract from her face.

    • lily

      just curious….what is it about her face that you (and so many other people) think is ugly? i know she isnt talented, but i don’t get how people can think kim k or kate upton is better looking than this girl

      • Snack pack

        Hard to say exactly. Thing is, she isn’t ugly at all. But there is something not entirely appealing about it. Maybe her eyes are too far apart? Her smile/lips/cheeks seem plasticky. That nose looks hard. I get that I’m picking nits here, but you asked.

      • KV

        The bangs ! It’s those horrible bangs ! They make her look weird ! She should get rid of them ASAP ! It’s the fucking bangs !

      • Blech

        It’s not the bangs.

        I love her dress though.

      • tlmck

        People that are into Kate and Kim, etc. are all about the tits and nothing but the tits. Does not matter what they are attached to.

      • Fannie Munch

        whaat?? I am a woman, 18 years old, and I think kim kardashian is the most beautifull woman in the world.
        and that’s because of her FACE. f**k her tits, mine looks the same. I even think her ass is waaay to big, but I still think she is the most beautifull woman I have ever seen!

      • TheCynic

        I’ve never thought Kim Lardassian was attractive, Upton is cute, though not beautiful.

        Biel has strange eyes and cheekbones IMO. Her hair doesn’t look good here, though it usually does. Of course she’s attractive compared to the average woman, but I’ve never found her to be one of the most beautiful women in H-Wood. If she were a B cup, no one would even know who she is.

      • Mama Pinkus

        too toothy – like a Cheshire cat

      • Axy

        Over inflayed snausage lip. She was so beautiful before.

  3. alex

    I agree TheCynic, she’s got an unbelievable bod but her mouth looks like she’s wearing wax lips and her bangs suck balls.

    I think I just hate the, “poor me, I’m so beautiful everyone wants a piece of me, cant everyone just leave me alone?” attitude. Fvck her.

    • Carla

      Got to agree, and it’s a shame. Her face was just gorgeous before all that filler/collagen/whatever. She seems to have been getting over-filled since she’s been with Justin Timberlake. I hope he’s not the cause, like Ashton Doucher with January Jones, chipping away at her self-esteem. Seriously, if that’s the case she needs to dump that zero before she ends up looking like a prematurely aging (skin’s starting to show signs of over-tanning) tranny blow-up doll.

  4. EricLr

    It ain’t easy being green
    Sometimes you’re put on ordinary things
    And it’s easy to think
    That no one loves you, when you’re not blue

    But green’s the color of spring
    And green is sometimes the king
    That gets put on very nice things

  5. cc

    Who the hell takes a picture of her, in THAT dress, from that angle…fool.

  6. bamf

    she is covering up her nutsack with that purse. ain’t working honey

  7. Note to Kim K, this is how you do an ass!

  8. DeucePickle

    Her waist is small and her curves are kickin’,
    and I’m thinking about stickin’.

  9. diegoga

    wanna cum in that asshole so bad, and then keep fucking it until i cant anywore and im squealing.

  10. lily

    she is gorgeous and her body is perfection.

    • Blech

      She is way overrated.

      She’s marrying JT.

      I do not envy this woman at all– but the body is great, and so is the dress!

  11. Pay attention, Kardashain clan – this is how you do a nice ass right.

  12. jim

    Most gorgeous actress IMO. People are just jelly of her beauty.
    Biel>Alba by OVER 9000 times.

  13. Carla

    What a contrast to the ass wasteland that’s the Lohan post.

  14. Salad Face

    Pictured: The only reason Justin Timberlake can hold his head up in his post-music career.

    Also, Jessica Biel.

  15. anonym

    damn. go easy on the fuckin lip injections

  16. mean_gurl

    TA-DOW! Think engagment suits her. She looks good.

  17. CranAppleSnapple

    Who did the PacMan-like photoshopping down her back and ass? Did they use the one pixel at a time tool? Is this 1995?

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    She’s smiling because Justin is’t there.

  19. irishboyo

    It’s the mouth that makes her look like an alien. Those wax lips and the fact that she doesn’t have a philtrum. She’s basically got 2 lower lips. But dat ass…

  20. YTBOY

    All of you would shit in your pants if she ever came close to you!! The woman is fine!!!!

  21. You haters are pathetic. Every last one of you would give your left testicle to spend one night with her. Woman is perfection.

  22. chim

    yeah you fucktards are mental. she is fine as FUCK. AS FUCK. period.

  23. bobby breden

    That’s not Jessica Alba.

  24. Khloeadriana

    This Bitches body is errrythang. She’s gorg.

  25. Ania

    Her upper lip looks horrible!!! I found it hilarious when one of my old highschool friends told me that Biel DIDN’t have plastic surgery, hahaha. Look at that FAKEASS nose, those fake, sorry but, dsguisting lips and massive veneers. Her mouth drives me crazy, I hate the sight of it. Especially since she was SO beautiful without the work and I still agree her dress and body are beautiful. She should have stayed aunaturel

  26. JungleRed

    I think this is what Sir Mix a Lot meant by, “LA face with an Oakland bootie.”

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