1. We still know your bald.

  2. Spray tanning and teeth whitening was an important part of the original cowboys lifestyle.

  3. That’s not a hat, it’s a guacamole dip bowl being badly misused.

  4. bergie

    That’s not a hat, it’s a crutch…

  5. Seriously, what is with these bald tools like this guy, Kenny Chesney, Kid Rock, Brett Michaels etc etc. We know your asses are bald, no one wears a fucking hat 24/7. Just embrace it or call Travolta’s guy up and get a fucking toupee made already.

  6. Looks like Harvey Levin upgraded his water bottle to a 10-gallon hat dispenser.

  7. A real cowboy would cringe at that stupid hat.

  8. The Pope

    “So I’m doing this fitness thing my buddy got me started on, it’s called the AIDS workout…”

  9. Phoenix

    His hat as much of a joke as his completely fake southern twang.

  10. He’s from about 15 miles up the road from me. The accent is real, in fact,he’s toned it down A LOT so folks can understand what he’s saying. The tan, the teeth, all the rest, is bullshit.

  11. Broduhjener

    Looks like he went to the Randy Travis school of country music.

  12. All hat no cattle.

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