1. I'mCool

    “Imagine I’m holding a pin. Now look at the head of that pin. My career could fit on the head of that pin 100,000 times.”

  2. He has to make money, somehow, to pay for more jewelery.

  3. Now watch as I take my last shred of dignity between these two fingers and make it disappear forever!

  4. Did they pass all of that shit out on the set of 21 Jump Street?

  5. Woone P. Tiggins

    Oh shit Gaddafi lives

  6. When they referred to Grieco as a painter, I thought they meant houses.

  7. Tiggles

    In Hollywood its called ‘abstract emotionalism painting’ but everywhere else its called ‘unemployment’.

  8. Qmak

    21 Chump Street

  9. Street magic really is the lowest form of entertainment.

  10. He has to make money to buy more accessories somehow.

  11. Brian Epstein

    Freddy Mercury looks fantastic!

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Then someone passed me the joint laced with Heroin AND cocaine…

    and that’s the story of when I first thought I could paint.

  13. bdog821

    Judging from this picture Michael Jackson appears to have overdone the whole whitening thing.

  14. Nice wanna be Depp old man bling.

  15. Richard Greico also makes a good living as a Rick Springfield impersonator. Well, “good” money for Richard Greico.

  16. Johnny Depp


  17. “No matter how careful you are, opening the Ark of the Covenant always has the same result.”

  18. “Do you know what this is? it’s the worlds tiniest violin…and I’m going to wear it as an accessory”

  19. Rodriguez doesn’t look as old as I thought he would.

  20. Phoenix

    “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”

  21. Every time I see him, the teenaged me goes back in time and kills herself just a little bit more for ever having a crush on him as Booker.

  22. Jenn

    Gayest Snape costume I’ve ever seen in my life.

  23. Broduhjenner

    If Johnny Depp and Gene Simmons had a baby it old look exactly like this.

  24. I wonder if there’s a big pit in the middle of Gallerie Sparta that someone could kick him into?

  25. Tommy Wiseau has his own art show now?

  26. The new Doctor looks a bit blingy…

  27. This is just my own opinion, but it seems that if one needs to explain one’s art, one has failed miserably as an artist.

  28. caley

    “Awww, Johnny Depp and his wife split up and now he has to date a smokin’ hot young actress…while I paint abstract emotionalist paintings? This…THIS…is the size of the violin I will play for him.”

  29. Alec Baldwin

    I thought this guy O D in the early 90′s?

  30. fuckface

    “If she is found otherwise, I shall be very put out”

    If any one gets this reference, may God bless you and all the time you wasted watching shit kid movies over and over and over….

    • Princess Bride a kid movie? Pishtosh…I watch it over and over at 50. Best one-liners of any movie made. Except for Young Frankenstein. And Airplane. And Army of Darkness. And…

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