1. The Botox is fresh with this one.

  2. bergie

    hopin’ for an ace, got dealt a joker

  3. Happy Birthday Madonna!

  4. ultra

    “what are you gonna do now that you killed kurt and stole all his money?” “i’m going to disneyworld!”

  5. I would lament that Kurt is dead and she’s still alive…but I never liked Nirvana, so I’ll just lament that she’s alive.

  6. 50 Shades of Crazy

  7. The living embodiment of Homer’s makeup gun.

  8. tlmck

    This is what the women really look like at closing time.

  9. caley

    “Soooome day you will have ate what I ate.”

  10. “Soooooooooo…tell me boysssss: How’d you like to glop your baby-batter all over these lips????”

  11. Eternally high.

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