1. what happened to Tom Baker?

  2. Vlad

    Ozzie! The car’s this way!

    hazza freega blorgmaframa

  3. Don’t do drugs, kids.

  4. Real rock stars party so hard they make themselves functionally retarded. Shoot for the stars, kids.

  5. That fucker is still alive?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m starting to think he didn’t really do hardcore drugs until he had to interact with Sharon and Kelly on a daily basis.

  7. Ozzy looks shit faced drunk. As he should be.

  8. Nice hat John Lithgow.

  9. Cock Dr

    Here’s a person with more accessories than Greico.
    He has Sharon shopping for him which gives Oz Man a huge spending advantage.

  10. “Ozzy!…What did you say to me?”
    For the love of God, I don’t remember…”

  11. Mergg szza brragh derr farrrsshh lorrrmm yuuurrrrdd thhppfft mmmm. Aaaaughhh!
    Translation: She won’t shut up and I can’t open my mouth wide enough to bite off her head. Aaaaugh!

  12. Bubba

    Enough with the damn Richard Grieco pictures, Fish. We get it……he hasn’t aged well.

  13. caley

    “Quick someone call the police, The Undertaker just stole my Hello Kitty necklace!”

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