1. Jennifer Aniston has a worthy rival.

  2. CK

    “Nice nipples for a walk.”
    “I mean, nice day for nipples..”
    “I mean… heh, nipples. nice.”

  3. What’s with the members of Destiny’s Child bringing back the grunge era today?

  4. Nice tits. I always had a thing for her.

  5. About a 5.6 on the Aniston Scale.

  6. Laughing at Beyonce’s dumb ass hair decisions this week

  7. whatever

    When did Urkel get a sex-change operation!?

  8. caley

    “Quick someone call the police, The Undertaker just stole my Hello Kitty necklace!”

    • caley

      I hate when this site ghost-posts comments onto the wrong post…that said it’s still kinda funny in a Abstract Emotionalist kind of way.

  9. when will these wigs end?

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