1. Show me the money, bitch!

  2. “WHOOOOOOOOOO! It IS true what they say about black men!”

  3. I call this move ” The OJ”

  4. She was laughing until she realized that the downturn in Cuba’s career had led to his selling white women to the Russian mafia for sexual slavery.

  5. Smapdi

    Please, Cuba, take her away, never to return to television. ‘Good Morning America’ is unbearably bad television, and Spencer’s entertainment industry reports are a big part of that.

  6. “Blazing Saddles 2: Where Da White Women At”

  7. I like Lara Spencer on that flea market show she does. I realize that statement has nothing to do with the above photo and isn’t funny. Sorry about that.

  8. ultra

    he’s taking his “complimentary white bitch” home with him. it was the only part of the gift basket he wanted.

  9. In today’s society, When a women is being abducted, people are more likely to videotape it, and post it online before reporting it to the police.

  10. “And that’s just the pinkie.”

  11. Her eyes say no but his face says “Get in the trunk.”

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