1. When did Val Kilmer start banging Dana Brody from Homeland?

  2. If that Junior High Schooler decides to make a run for it, Val will flat line before he catches her.

  3. Does a new Porsche come with the jailbait standard or is it optional?

  4. Vlad

    Hurry Robin, to the Fat Cave! We’ve gotta’ get this food in the Fatfridge before it spoils!

  5. Tiggles

    “Hey mister, don’t steal that! Its my lunch!”
    “Uhm . . . I’m Batman?”

  6. Val’s looking thinner…that new cleansing diet he’s on it working. Six more months and he’ll be back to fighting trim.

    Say what you will, this man is a very good actor.

  7. tombstone rocks

    “I’m your huckleberry” Love him…the girl deal IS creepy though

  8. fred

    “Walk away quickly. Look, I ah, I may have lied when I told you it was my car. What can I say-things have been kind of tough lately.”

  9. The girl looks good.

  10. meeps!

    No, this is me over here. I’m driving the Ford Fiesta…

  11. “Well, that was pretty good, sweetheart, but until you get the parallel parking down, I don’t think you’re gonna be ready for the test. “

  12. No really sweetie, I’m famous…I was Iceman in Top Gun.


    I was Batman….no before him…before him too…uh, ok yes…I am Adam West.

  13. AWOL

    Hey little girl! Have you ever driven a Porsche before?

  14. The Pope

    The graphics on Grand Theft Auto V are amazing!

  15. JungleRed

    How nice. She brought him a doggie bag from his early bird special.

  16. You’re damn straight I still would.

  17. He’s wearing some sort of weird Skecher Lifts. Ugh. Can we go back to 1984 Real Genius Val? At least she drove.

  18. caley

    “I’m sorry I backed into your porsche and left a huge dent…why does my car look okay? I never said I backed into it with my car!”

  19. Baby you can drive my car and baby I love food BEEP BEEP YEAH

  20. Bob

    Hey, he’s lost weight!

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