1. I'mCool

    Haha. It’s funny ’cause they’re fake but I keep looking at them.

    • I believe the nipples were left intact.

    • hate to break it to you but they were always fake like her nose and lips. She had one giant, very giant, lower lip and a skinny top lip, looked something awful until they reduced the bottom and placed a lip implant on top. Botox and fillers to the hilt. She is not so great. Salma Hayek, great, Adriana Lima, great, this woman, great sometimes because they keep telling me so

  2. Can you imagine the nipple selection process? “Yeah, I’d like the Aniston pokies, but just a bit more subdued.”

  3. “Oh, stop your moping! You’ll be old enough to make out with your sister in no time!”

  4. PathosAvenger

    I think you pronounce it, “mad-douche”. Jesus, this kid is doomed.

  5. Maddox has the movie star pout down pat. ACTIVATE: BLUE STEEL!

    Now…when are Maddox and Jaden Smith going to get together to make that summer blockbuster we’ve all been waiting for: Butch and Sundance: The Middle School Years?

  6. Qmak

    “Chop chop with the bags Mowgli. You’re not here for your fashion sense.”

  7. fred

    Either she is dropping him off at Barnum & Bailey to start his career as an acrobat, or she is dropping him off at Belmont to start his career as a jockey. Awesome.

  8. The fake nipples are out in full force already.

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    If my 50 pound, 50 year-old mother was walking around sans bra, I’d be wearing the glasses and ski cap too.

  10. Depending on the kind of mastectomy, the nipples could be her original, real ones. But this explanation has already killed my boner, so whatever.

  11. ” Come with me and I will teach you to become another spoiled celebrity brat.”

  12. Almost every photo I’ve seen of her with her kids, she’s looking at the paps and not them.

  13. Plastic Police

    WTF – Marty Feldman tits!

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