1. “That’s right. You want a treat? You have to do something for me first.”

  2. He stared at the dog, the dog stared back. They could both feel something growing inside of them, ready to bloom like spring’s first orchid. Then a moment of awkward tension. But make no mistake, tenderness was in the air. Tenderness was in the air.

  3. Vlad

    Heh, that dog looks funny…he’s got no nose…

  4. Matt Bomer is gay.

    Which proves there is no God. None. We are alone in this desolate, deity-forsaken universe.

    And if I’m wrong, and there *is* a God: screw you, Supreme Deity. Why did you have to make this one gay?

  5. Tiggles

    “So, what was it like working with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?”

  6. Echo5

    At first glance I saw Cyclops Cat

  7. It’s good to see Renée Zellweger getting work again.

  8. His half face isn’t as beautiful as full.

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