1. Alexa Ray is pretty nice from the neck down.

  2. Christie Lee’s working pretty hard to suck it in, but she still looks fantastic.

  3. People assume that Christie Brinkley’s daughter was just going to be beautiful, forgetting she had to overcome Billy Joel’s mole man genetics.

  4. I think Alexa Ray is beautiful. Most movie stars are not “conventionally beautiful”–conventional and perfect is boring. Look at the biggest movie stars of the past 75 years and they all had flaws.

  5. You know how know you still got it? When even your own daughter hover-hands you in photos.

  6. john

    thinking a little mommy/daughter sandwich here, with me being the meat of course. LOL

  7. This could work.

  8. Qmak

    Reporter: “Alexa, how big is your mom’s appetite for husbands and gold digging?”

  9. Alexa looks damn good. Christie always looks great. I’d do the both of them.

  10. “Well, I’m on the Downeaster Meeeeee…”
    “Cut it out.”

  11. Having camel toe next to your mom = awkward.

  12. Are they on the Slice of Life?

  13. Alexa must curse her dad’s genes every day.

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