1. Dick Nose

    Beyonce making it cool to be white again

  2. And the Mary J. Blige era has officially begun.

  3. Tiggles

    If she’s really naming herself after Bran, I see why she’s going around with a portable toilet seat.

  4. Beyonce don’t use no public toilet. Beyonce got her own toilet.

  5. Uh, oat bran, wheat bran… um, barley bran… that’s all the kinds of bran I can name.

  6. I wonder how much money that clever “Name Brand” shirt cost

  7. Martina

    meh … not bad for a 40 year old woman

  8. catapostrophe

    Thick! No wonder she didn’t want to risk irreparable damage by becoming pregnant. Successful businesspeople know that outsourcing is the best bet.

  9. fuckface


    Did I win?

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