1. I could never be an actor on this show. My eyes would be perpetually glued to her tits and ass. I can only imagine the hell the two young men they cast go through.

  2. chuchi

    that ass is phil-nomenal.

  3. Buster Poindexter will goose her in 3… 2… 1…

  4. Cock Dr

    Hell yeah.

  5. Echo5

    I’d like to be in the pole’s position for this episode *quick side glance at camera*

  6. Ed O’Neal has the best job in Television.

  7. Fuckin’ A prime.

  8. …jesus h. tapdancing christ.

  9. Dirty Travolta

    I would suck the menudo out of her ass …

  10. mrobvious

    I’d totally eat her feces and urine. Any waste from her, I’d totally taste it.

  11. Paully Boston Baby!

    You know why I can’t get into this Modern Family show? Bc in what world is Al Bundy banging THAT???? Not any world I live in!

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