1. joe

    The back says “‘cuz I like tits.”

  2. I’d like to free her nipples.

  3. Too bad those are not her accurate size.

  4. Is that you, Slash?

  5. This is exactly why people hate Americans. In fact what kind of fucktardary does it take to wear something like that in public.

  6. That’s right, folks… let’s focus on the important issues. It’s such a relief, having gotten that whole “world peace” thing sorted out.

  7. does anyone else find it ironic that the iconic t-shirt feminists are using to promote womens rights to go topless if they choose, is a pair of fake silicone tits?

    Who is promoting unrealistic body images now?

  8. Voice of Reisling

    Taylor Momsen gets 0.09 for every shirt sold.

  9. Brian

    Ahhhh… Howard Stern in the good old days

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