1. I know this face… It’s a face I have unfortunately worn a time or two myself. You’re out on the town and trying to impress everyone. When all of a sudden, the most wrenching, stomach turning pain surges through as if a demon has possessed your insides and now desires to escape through your anus as it tears it asunder.
    We’ve all been there and we should all feel compassion for this man.

  2. Never trust a fart.

  3. derp

    This is what you call English Face. It’s usually followed by a sip of Tea and a forced chuckle.

  4. JimBB

    He’s gotten over Kristen Stewart. His heart belongs to Zuul now.

  5. Don’t be too upset, Robert. Dating Kristen Stewart isn’t going to turn out well for anyone.

  6. Not in love anymore, he came to realize how ugly Kristen Stewart really was……

  7. April May

    He took that twilight role waaaay too serious

  8. Marketing Mike

    This guy’s career ended,
    15 seconds after the last Twilight sequel.

  9. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    The Schwartzenegger is strong with this one.

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