1. brick

    Glad to see Mr. Nolte combed his hair for a change.

  2. She snuck out of the monastery?

  3. nomnomnom

    And she’s graduated to a moo-moo. Congrats.. and I used to think you were semi-hot with your snaggle tooth.

    • Just a note (because I keep seeing this), it’s ‘muumuu’.

      Though moo moo does seem rather fitting, given how often they are worn by the bovine-figured.

  4. I sense a mass suicide headline in her future,

  5. Oh, no! I hope one of the Arquette clan hasn’t gone crazy!

  6. Somewhere Bill Cosby is looking for his pajamas.

  7. A moo moo dress is starting up in Beverly Hills!! damn it its a southern thing, now its chic in Cali.

  8. fred

    This is what you wear when you can’t find a house big enough to fit over your hips.

  9. JimBB

    Man, I hope that cult has a well-stocked kitchen.

  10. She looks like we should call her “Aunt Patty.”

  11. Still haven’t forgiven her for “Stigmata”.

  12. Never go full Seagal.

  13. tlmck

    A bag in a bag.

  14. joe

    She’ll always be Alabama Worley to me.

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