1. Instagram wouldn’t allow her tits on the site. Will they be more liberal about the cameltoe?

  2. Bitch, Dog, same thing.

  3. If that shirt comes in XXL, can you send a few to the Kardashians?

  4. I guess she only wears her “c*nt” shirt to formal occasions.

  5. I’m usually a fan of the camel toe. This one not so much.

  6. Stupid girl…cant’ even spell “ugly” right

  7. JimBB

    Looks like some loudmouth is about to get chinned.

  8. Nothing like being proud to be something obnoxious and unpleasant. Fuck I hate people.

    • No shit, eh? Whatever happened to people aspiring to be something better? It’s disappointing that being a degenerate famewhore pays so well.

  9. Gio

    Whats up with wearing pants/shorts too high? Body looks decent but butter face.

  10. well it looks like she has Bruce’s good sneer.

  11. That camel toe needs a pedicure

  12. I'dDoThat

    “… and in honor of the less-POPULAR “Droopy-Toe”, here’s our pick for THE TOP “Droopy” of the YEAR!”

  13. Ralph

    This is one butt-ugly woman. She’d even make an ugly man.

  14. j/k

    They were out of MARE shirts.

  15. Officially trying too hard. We get it. You’re “edgy:”

  16. Minky Wail

    Definitely cock deflecting for the one on the right

  17. Now, where did I put my “You’re hideous and talentless, too” t-shirt?

  18. that shirt may say “bitch” but those shorts are screaming “CUNT”.

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