1. yes, yes…we all saw your psoriasis scabs.

  2. Richard McBeef

    The urinal in the men’s room has the exact same face.

  3. “All too easy.”
    - Darth Vader

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Holes like this are why I gave up mini golf

  5. If they had used a white microphone they could have prevented that involuntary reaction.

  6. I’m using this for a Flash game. Quite a few Flash games, actually.

  7. Michael

    *fellatio joke*

  8. Well, she’s cheaper than fly paper and she catches flies just as well.

  9. TomFrank

    Oh, I know this game. You squirt a water pistol into her mouth to make the balloon in her ass blow up until it pops.

  10. M

    Surely the fifteen minutes is up by now?

  11. I swear I’ve seen her make that same face in some movie she was in.

  12. so she finally saw naked pics of herself.

  13. HumpinFrog

    And that my friends is how the world will end. A giant vortex of Kardashian pie hole swallows the planet like a black pole. I mean hole.

  14. Is she part of the hair club for woman? She has a weird hairline!

  15. Johnny P!

    Kris Humphries: “Well, the box said it came with ’3 life-like openings’,
    I just… can’t…. reach the… 3rd one…grunt!”

  16. Safety man

    This is my “O” face when Kris sticks me in the ass!!!

  17. zomgbie

    kims involuntary reaction to seeing r.kelly walk into the room.

  18. Frank The Duck

    Madame Tussaud’s has really caught her – amazing!

  19. The Pope

    Looks like she’s ready for the honeymoon.

  20. Well, her mother kept telling her that if she kept it up. her face would lock up like that.

  21. They gave it “Blowers Cramp”, how appropriate.

  22. fartbucket

    Yesterday I was only joking about the magazine only featuring the mentally impaired but the more photos I see from that event….

  23. Squishy

    Hell, I’m surprised she can even move her face that much!

  24. tlmck

    This is how she got Kris to propose.

  25. AJ

    Ok wtf is going on with the weird jagged lines on her top lip?

  26. Ollie

    Is this that video of where they layered on a years worth of makeup?

  27. SteveG

    You guys saw Little Richard’s comment up top, RIGHT? Unchallenged winner.

  28. Jack

    Open up and say: Cock!

  29. Kady

    So much make-up.

  30. Rough, warrior, survivor, gift

    While I do find most people‚Äôs mouth to be disgusting, this looks quite the opposite. Looks warm, clean, inviting even, I would use that…

  31. Steelerchick

    “Yes, I’m here for the free butt pads”:

  32. Joe Mahma

    Damn! She’s nasty!

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