1. Cock Dr

    Aww man.
    It’s tough for an old guy out there on the press circuit. Maybe it’s time to stay home on the ranch with little Mrs. Scarecrow Ford, or at least make an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

  2. Well, now that I see he has an earring I don’t think he’s old at all anymore!

  3. M

    I guess he finally got around to actually watching “Cowboys and Aliens”. Poor guy…

  4. “Ya know, I like a bit of nooky as much as the other guy, but she just will not shut the fuck up.”

  5. “London…??? Oh fuck! I was going to Seattle.”

  6. Loulou

    Calista can be sooooo annoying sometimes…

  7. “I’m Elmer J. Fudd millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht.”

  8. this is you on drugs.

  9. Mike701


  10. zomgbie


  11. That earring really brings out his jowls…..and his desperation.

  12. Eddie

    Planking is sooo last week. The new thing is Hugh Hefnering. Han Solo is doing a good job right here

  13. cc

    In an upcoming movie, Han Solo travels back in time and has to disguise himself as Jimmy Durante. FYI – Darth Vader dresses up as Henny Youngman.


  15. the whole enchilada

    It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Oh wait …no it’s not.

  16. Squishy

    Love me some Harrison!

  17. Not seen in this photo: Olivia Wilde.

  18. Venom

    He is now officially as old as the artifacts that he was searching for in Indiana Jones…

  19. The Brown Streak

    Kind of a wimp when you have to have yourself sedated just to get your ear pierced at Claire’s…then you come out with a crappy ear ring like that?

  20. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    No time for nap, Dr. Jones!

  21. AnnaDraconida

    It’s clearly a bad picture taken when he was blinking and HOLY SHIT HE’S OLD

  22. Jack

    “Damnit, how many times have I told you: DON’T open the Ark of the Covenant near me!”

  23. wilsjay

    I had this same expression when I watched the last Indiana Jones movie too. I don’t see any tears on his face though.

  24. Ollie

    Looks like he picked the wrong chalice…

  25. MammaMia

    grandpa needs a nap…

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