1. dookieshoo

    She’s a wiiiiild and craaaazy girl.

  2. Jill_Ess

    You are getting carried away with all the wax statue photos. Give it a rest.

  3. Coyote

    Is her face relaxing or am I just getting use to it

  4. Richard McBeef

    sword going through her head is the most interesting thing going on here.

  5. kulit

    Her face has improved.

  6. SIN

    Looking old. Need to show us your tits and ass to keep us from looking at your face.

  7. so that is what a real female orgasm looks like.

  8. so that is what a real female orgasm looks like. it gives you temporarily lopsided nostrils.

  9. Johnny P!

    “I’m just a wiiild and crazy gal! Okay, who wants to see my
    ‘King Tut’ now?”

  10. Poop

    Booger or booger sugar?

  11. Cam

    Jesus, her face is so numb she can’t even feel that sword they stuck in her head.

  12. tito

    when you get plastic surgery like that, do you have to specifically request to look like you’re drinking out of a straw, or is it implied?

  13. Squishy

    Say her on the Chelsea Lately show with that exact same expression…thinkin someone had a little “work” done.

  14. The Brown Streak

    I just imagined this woman at 60 and part of me died

  15. ugasean

    Seriously, I’m the only one who noticed that her left nipple-laser is powering up?

  16. justsaying

    What’s with the weird residue on her jaw and neck?

  17. Okay, Rimes and Patridge. I’ll see your chest cavity and raise you one side-boob dent.

  18. Star Droppings

    Maybe she’s always been weird looking. Anyone’s hot standing next to Marilyn Manson.

  19. Manowl

    Coke boogers, powdery white residue on neck, puffy face… now all that remains is for her to remove her rubber mask and… voilá, Lindsay! You didn´t see that coming, Scooby Doo, didja?

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