1. Richard McBeef

    suddenly it all makes sense.

  2. Both wearing shirts from the “Bruce Lee Menopause” collection.

  3. “Seriously? Kareem is right there? No, really? He’s coming THIS way?”

  4. wow, I did NOT know he was still alive.

    take your pick which one.

  5. DogBoy

    A head-on collision on WTF Avenue…

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    P.S. 107 ‘s Diorama poses the question “Could Richard Feynman take Gandhi?”

  7. Cock Dr

    KAJ has the same body morphology as that viking pinhead the blogger keeps throwing at us.

  8. Johnny P!

    R: *sigh* Hey, Kareem, remember the days when I was considered talented and famous?
    K: “Price-line! Ne-go-ti-a-tor!!!”
    R: Oh, right…

  9. mnsuperbee

    Is this a time warp to the 80s?

  10. UnholyKrep

    So they’re putting gnomes in Zen Gardens now?

  11. Truk

    I hope they’re making another karate movie.

  12. 16MPG

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for joining us on the Disneyland Jungle Boat Excursion. OOOOHHHH. Look out on the left. We have an aging and demented Jewish comedian and an even more dangerous former LA Lakers basketball star. Raise your weapons — these beasts are unpredictable in their behaviour – and habits – moreso than the submerged plastic Hippopotumus ahead. Starboard tiller — away!!!

  13. Colin


  14. Just what Richard needs. Something else to make him look small and insignificant. (Wish I was his psychiatrist. I wouldn’t need any other patients)

  15. Mar

    “So this black guy walks into a bar….
    …there’s one behind me, isn’t there?”

  16. The Brown Streak

    God, they’re seriously fucking up The Game of Death remake…

  17. Rough, warrior, survivor, gift

    lol RL anticipating the level of celeb going to walk out of “Katsuya” And it is a good one.

  18. salavation

    ‘ I believe that this is hollywood’s movie version of ” Skarsgard and the Street Elf “

  19. wilsjay

    Mother F#cker I miss the 80′s!

  20. Dave Mustaine

    Substance abuse not only kills. It could also turns you into Richard Lewis.

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