1. Buddy The Elf


  2. Contusion

    Are his eyes getting smaller?

  3. Johnny P!

    Sad Keanu? No.
    Happy Keanu? No.
    Stoned out of his fucking gourd Keanu? Yup.

  4. Willie Dixon

    This is what Matrix feedback looks like “I know Kung Fu because the other me knows Kung Fu who knows Kung Fu before I knew Kung Fu when Kung Fu was something that I didn’t know before I knew Kung Fu.”


  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Back in ten minutes

  6. Emma Watson's Vagina

    why are so many people audtioning for the role of a walker in The Walking Dead?

  7. it had to be said

    He is a real beady-eyed motherfucker, isn’t he?

  8. Who's your mama

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

  9. Looks like someone’s still on his excellent adventure. Ha! Ammiright?!? Yeah? ‘Excellent ‘Adventure’? Yeah! (cries into my Wyld Stallions t-shirt)

  10. Swearin

    There is no meth spoon…

  11. “is this the audition for the Kung Fu remake?”

  12. Cock Dr

    Stand back…this one sometimes abruptly barfs in public.

  13. He took the green pill

  14. Damn, who DOESN’T have a wax figurine these days???

  15. He’s undergoing terminal stage culkinization.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    “Whoa… What?”

  17. “Dude what if The Matrix was real and my life is the movie…”

  18. bigalkie


  19. Lissa

    He’s still acting?

  20. Beaver Underground

    Damn cookies! Just what did the Oracle put in them? And why do I have a hickey?!

  21. “Goddamn what was in that shit man? I never had no dope like that before in my life man. That’s the heaviest shit I ever smoked man. I mean I smoked a lot of shit before man, but goddamn man that’s heavy shit!”

  22. Rebecca

    I still would

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