1. Contusion

    Probably smells like Sardinias too.

  2. Emma Watson's Vagina

    “excuse me does this scar onmy righ thigh make me yucky looing?”

  3. it had to be said

    Note the expensive watch. Because golddiggers need to assert their status too.

    • Watches like that are the standard golddigger “gift.” You can accept it without feeling like a whore—”it’s a watch, it’s not like he’s giving me money“—and then you can hock it when you need the money. Jewelry works in this way too, but watches are more subtle.

      • Early'sDrunkenArmy

        Actually read somewhere that the easiest form of money laundering is really expensive watches and one of the reasons that market continues to be buoyed. Nosey Immigration officials will find a few thousand in bills taped to your chest but if you have a 100K watch on your wrist they won’t have a 2nd thought. Go to the nearest jeweler at your destination and hock it right there and get the money.

      • And quality watches hold their value better than cut and set gems. Take note, Future Whores of America!

  4. When she’s drunk, I hear she hits on Wells Fargo branches.

  5. Cock Dr

    I’ve seen more than enough of this one.

  6. lily

    pankcake assss

  7. Kitty

    that scar is prob her lipo sites… niiicceeee

  8. … at a launch for her London retail store.

  9. Party all night, lie on the beach all day – and all you have to do is gargle a sweaty old fat guy’s balls now and again? Hmm…

  10. lois lane

    I mustve missed something..who is she????

  11. mbcl

    she’s unable to walk on dry land.

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