1. vgrly

    Not bad for pooping a kid out. I mean popping.

  2. That’s a nice turd cutter.

  3. Buddy The Elf

    Way to class it up for the launch party.

  4. rican

    What a weird name for a guy

  5. Now THAT’s what Cover Girl should use in their advertisements!

  6. Misha Barton and now Pink? I guess any idiot can sell clothes to the English.

  7. You can get HGH in retail stores now?

  8. lily

    i like pink…just not her body

  9. Oi

    Ew. Midget legs.

  10. Blech

    There’s nothing left for me to say here…

  11. Billebuoy

    Stay classy.

  12. Three in the pink, one in the stink… three tattoos I mean.

  13. Check out the shitter on that critter!

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