1. So are we officially calling vaping “smoking pole” now? That’s what I get from this photo.

  2. cc

    In an effort to curb this vaping thing, I am filling as many as I can with Mr. Clean.

  3. “Vape me….Vape me, my friend…”

  4. I swear to all fucking things holy, use of the term “vaping” will be the thing that finally gets me to leave this site once and for all. I’ll put up with the famous babies (god I hate those babies), I’ll deal with Coco’s funhouse mirror body, I’ll even put up with Kanye’s smug face pouting about all the rape he has to put up with.

    but I will NOT put up with the word “vaping” entering the common lexicon. I’m pissed off that I’ve even had to type “vaping” three times now.

    • You forgot half-windsor ties.

    • I thought “vaping” was a marijuana thing. Like the vapor lounge at the BCMP office in Vancouver. Which you should go to BTW.

      I thought that thing was one of these e-cig gadgets.

      • Jimmy

        It’s both. If you vape oils, it’s nicotine. If it’s a dry vape, it’s weed. Oil vapes are easier to manufacture, cheaper and available everywhere. Don’t know where you are, but get used to the term – it’s rapidly replacing cigarettes. No second hand smoke, just vape clouds.

        Portable dry vapes like the Pax are $200. . Great for concerts or smoking in places where smoking a joint will get you in trouble.

      • Yes those e-cig things are all the rage in MN. Shops that sell that shit and bananaberry strawberry shortcake nicotine juice are popping up all over the place. I’ve never heard it referred to as vaping though. I dunno, usually like “smoking an e-cig” I’ve always heard vaping used specifically for weed or THC concentrates.

        I actually have a pax. It’s sort of a pain in the ass. Gums up all the time.

      • that’s the part that baffles me.

        People use vaporizers to smoke weed and think they’re being discreet…like nobody can tell they’re smoking weed. but EVERYONE can tell.

    • What about “Zalooging?”

    • Too Late! It is already part of the common Lexicon. I was listening to the radio while driving a rather long distance the other day, was trying to find a NPR station to hear the news, and heard a Vaping commercial on (wait for it) Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh is a Vapor, of all people.

  5. jenny

    It’s filled with his BF’s cum instead of e-liquid.

  6. False alarm, it’s just the latest Sonicare.

  7. tlmck

    Joe Simson was “done” a long time ago.

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