1. JC

    Flip back and forth between this picture and the previous and marvel at the fact that Dita is 41 and MooKow is 33.

  2. Someone with no children selling a maternity line?

  3. Still as beautiful as ever.

  4. “Destination Maternity”, the label every man wants to see on your drawers.

  5. Nothing says “this is all going away” like wearing “Destination Maternity”.

  6. All aboard the “Destination Maternity”, next stop…stretchmarks.

  7. “Destination Maternity”, because for everything there is a price.

  8. If the label says “Destination Maternity”, then you’re definitely the father.

  9. Speaking of Photoshop …

  10. The Betty Page of our time.

  11. Nothing says bareback like “Destination Maternity.”

  12. OMG, she’s pregnant???

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