1. “Hey, who do I have to beat half to death to get a drink around here?”

  2. cajunhawk

    “These waitresses ain’t loyal!!!”

  3. Nothing beats a nice drink on a hot day…

  4. “I’m gonna beat dat white ass. Wait, that’s not a good pickup line? Where you going?”

  5. “Quit bringing me Cranberry Juice, Bitch! My UTI has totally cleared up.”

  6. Seconds later he pushed the waitress over the railing from behind. Why would he confront her to her face? That’s the cowardly thing to do.

  7. “With her walking away, unsuspecting-like, I think I can beat her ass without my bodyguards’ help.”

  8. Really...?

    “We ain’t in Florida right ? Right ?”

    “No man”

    “Oh, then its on.”

  9. JimBB

    You won this round bitch, but next time *I’m* getting the first punch in!!

  10. If 2Pac were alive I think Chris Brown would be dead.

  11. Many people will hit on the wait staff. Only Chris Brown will leave bruises.

  12. Swearin

    “Yo waitress, can I get one of those drinks? What’s it called?”
    “It’s a Bloody Mary.”

  13. bodhemon

    “When you give it to her do it like I told you, first say ‘How about a nice Hawaiian punch?’”

  14. blerg

    Don’t come back until that thing has ice cubes, an umbrella, and a salted rim. I love rim trim.

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